Support Transport cost for 45 Pro-Activers at Gubbachi Learning Community

    In the two years that we worked with our flagship program, Gubbachi Connect - to mainstream 'out of school' children into a Government school - we faced particular challenges with the pre teen /teen age group.They were harder to retain and were powerful influencers of younger children ( 6-9 years) in the program. In communities where schooling successes are rare, the pre teenager and teenager comes under great pressure from the family to earn or is pulled by the lure of street life, away from formal learning. Marriage is the only viable option offered to teen girls. Hence the genesis of Gubbachi ProActive - a targeted program designed to increase the retention of 'at risk' pre teens and improve his life chances.

    Gubbachi ProActive will be based on a stimulating and holistic curriculum - a balance of academics and hands on activities - that takes into account the pre-teen's need to be active and autonomous. With 30 young adults already actively engaged with Open Schooling and more to be identified in fresh surveys, we have a great need to transport them everyday to our Learning Centre and to off sites like a bakery or a paper unit for hands on activities and experiential learning. Help us bear the costs of safe transportation for our ProActivers so she/he becomes a confident, eager learner with the silent ability to inspire his entire community!

    WhY gubbachi exists.

    42% of short term migrants work in the construction sector. (NSS 2007-08)

    These are migrations of distress, not choice – individuals and families pushed out by drought, debts and poverty from rural India.

    The living conditions of these migrants are poor.Temporary settlements at construction sites are nothing more than tin sheds with poor sanitation and hygiene.

    Children from these communities have no real access to schools in the destination site due to language and cultural divides, safety concerns, lack of awareness and child care responsibilities. Being 'out of school' in a modern economy means exclusion from opportunities of self- development and economic mobility. The child gets back into the same circle of poverty that her parents are in - making this a cyclical and an inter generational problem.

    We argue that this is as much of an urban crisis as it is a rural one.

    Owning the problem at the destination site of Bangalore city is the first step for us.

    Our mission is to enable the educational inclusion of the migrant ‘out of school’ child, at the destination site.


    Bridge Learning Program for 7-12 year old out of school children that addresses foundational literacy and numeracy to get the child up to her grade level; thus help her become self confident in a formal school. 

    Early Childhood Education that not only supports the older sibling but also gives the pre-schooler (2-5 years) a firm foundation. 

    Host School Support Program that ensures a positive and functioning learning environment in the host school by providing human resource, academic and infrastructure support. 

    that builds connects with the child’s family and community and empowers families by linking them to benefits and entitlements.