WhY gubbachi exists.

    42% of short term migrants work in the construction sector. (NSS 2007-08)

    These are migrations of distress, not choice – individuals and families pushed out by drought, debts and poverty from rural India.

    The living conditions of these migrants are poor.Temporary settlements at construction sites are nothing more than tin sheds with poor sanitation and hygiene.

    Children from these communities have no real access to schools in the destination site due to language and cultural divides, safety concerns, lack of awareness and child care responsibilities. Being 'out of school' in a modern economy means exclusion from opportunities of self- development and economic mobility. The child gets back into the same circle of poverty that her parents are in - making this a cyclical and an inter generational problem.

    We argue that this is as much of an urban crisis as it is a rural one.

    Owning the problem at the destination site of Bangalore city is the first step for us.

    Our mission is to enable the educational inclusion of the migrant ‘out of school’ child, at the destination site.


    Bridge Learning Program for 7-12 year old out of school children that addresses foundational literacy and numeracy to get the child up to her grade level; thus help her become self confident in a formal school. 

    Early Childhood Education that not only supports the older sibling but also gives the pre-schooler (2-5 years) a firm foundation. 

    Host School Support Program that ensures a positive and functioning learning environment in the host school by providing human resource, academic and infrastructure support. 

    that builds connects with the child’s family and community and empowers families by linking them to benefits and entitlements.

    Our Story

    We are a community of learners who have come together to bridge migrant Out of School Children back into the public education system. A program which endeavours to make learning meaningful for the child and strives to improve the life chances of the child ...and, potentially, her family!

    In October 2015, six of us got together to start our first bridge learning centre at the Kodathi Govt. School off Sarjapur Road

    Kodathi is a high migration peri urban pocket in South East Bangalore. The area has high levels of construction activity; hence is dotted with many migrant labour communities.

    Steeped in ideas of inclusive education for two years at the Azim Premji University (APU) it was time for us (five of us alumni) to hit the ground with a good mix of experience, frameworks and passion. With an MOU with the Karnataka Education Department, we admitted twenty-five children and their younger siblings from neighbouring construction sites – all ‘out of school’ at the time. Kodathi is a high migration peri urban pocket in South East Bangalore. The area has high levels of construction activity; hence is dotted with many migrant labour communities.

    Our Amazing Team


    Somya Suri

    Co- Founder, Organisational Development and Resource Mobilisation


    Nomita Sikand

    Co- Founder, Learning Facilitator and Planning


    Rizwan Ahmed

    Co- founder, Community Outreach, Stake holder Management.


    Joseph deyone Jacobi

    Co- Founder Learning Facilitator


    Preethy Rao patel

    Co-founder, Learning Facilitator and Planning


    Manimakalai Raja

    Co-founder, Learning Facilitator


    If you love working with children and love to teach, join us at our bridge centre or at the host school as a teacher volunteer or assist us in our holiday camps.

    If you are creative and know how to work with materials, help us make interesting teaching aids.

    If you are a singer, an artist, an athlete or a dancer help us enrich the children with your talents.

    If you are a student who wants the sheer experience of working in a social sector or one with a serious academic agenda, we might have what fits your bill.

    Write to us about what you would like to do and we will find a match.

    Bring in your ideas and passion and we give you the space to express yourself!


    We are looking for full-time learning facilitators with a minimum qualification of 2nd PUC Pass, spoken and written Kannada fluency along with communicative Hindi and Telugu (at least one).

     Loves to work in child-centric environments and committed to the cause of educational inclusion.

    Get in touch with us at  [email protected]


    Contact Details

    #33, 1st Cross

    Arekere, Lakshmi Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


    For general enquiries

    [email protected]

    +91 - 9845455357